The Lockdown Living Room Escape Challenge

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Lockdown has been a busy time for us at Corvidae. With our fellow company, heritage escape-game specialists History Mystery, on furlough, the Museum of Norwich at the Bridewell turned to us to help drive public engagement – and create some fun – for housebound heritage fans. History Mystery’s hapless historian, Herbert Lozenge, has been a hit with Norwich escape game players for over four years now, so who better to guide families through puzzling out some fun at home? We quickly recognised that our videos needed some interaction, and so Herbert suddenly discovered that he had a twin brother, Hector (and Richard discovered that he had a lot of learning to do with the editing software). We improvised a teleprompter that made it possible to complete the challenging five-episode shoot in a day and a half. Editing took a little longer, with all the split-screen work plus animating the logo the museum had commissioned. Meanwhile Simon created some catchy music that really sets everything off. The results have been well worth all the work, though, and the client’s delighted with the films, and the public reaction.

Check out the finished films on YouTube!