Richard is a voice artist with over 20 years’ experience in television, radio, corporate work and the heritage industry.

His voice is mid-brown with a gravelly edge. His natural speaking voice can range from a relaxed RP with a hint of estuary through to downright posh. He has a great facility for character voices, and is highly experienced at story narration, switching between multiple voices with ease. As a native of Norfolk, he’s at home with the notoriously elusive East Anglian accent, and has a range of others at his disposal.

Richard was a continuity announcer for ITV Anglia for 8 years. He’s voiced literally hundreds of radio commercials, mainly for the JMS Group. In the heritage world, he can be heard in the British Library, Our Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh, and at dozens of National Trust properties, notably Bateman’s, where he’s the voice of Rudyard Kipling.

You can listen to his voice reel below.

t 07788 546141

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Photograph of Richard Crowest