A Snowball in Summer, Andy Goldsworthy

June 2000

Andy Goldsworthy is renowned throughout the world for his landscape art, created almost exclusively from natural materials. While most of his work is created in the countryside, midsummer's day 2000 brought his work into the heart of the City of London. Thirteen snowballs, made in Scotland over the winters of 1998-99 and 1999-2000, had been kept in cold storage for this event. Each snowball started out at nearly two metres across, weighing around a ton. Embedded in each one was a material relating to nature, agriculture or industry -- everything from sheep's wool to barbed wire. The snowball below contains hair from highland cattle, and was situated in Smithfield, the meat market in the centre of London.

The photographs for this object movie were taken more than two days after the snowballs had originally been put in place. Many of the original thirteen had by now disappeared altogether, but I found three that were around a third of their original diameter. Crow's feathers and sheeps wool were emerging from two nearby, while a snowball that had once contained a coil of barbed wire was now a coil of barbed wire containing a rapidly-vanishing snowball.

Snowball with crow feathersBarbed wire with remains of a snowball

Learn more about Andy Goldsworthy's snowball project.
Thanks to Robin Thompson for the loan of the digital camera.

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