Pozo de las Nieves, Gran Canaria, January 2003

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This partial panorama was shot on a spectacular day from the highest point on Gran Canaria, Pozo de las Nieves (the ice house). At 1949 metres above sea level, the cloud had come in below us, creating a dazzling blanket over the sea. Panning left gives the best view of the cloud, to the south over the main tourist resorts. Panning right, Tenerife comes into view on the western horizon, with the conical volcanic peak of El Teide clearly visible. Below it, the outcrop sticking into the air is Roque Nublo, the symbol of Gran Canaria, and according to legend the place where the last native ruler threw himself to his death rather than surrender to the Spanish invaders. A close-up of the rock is shown below the panorama.

Roque Nublo
Roque Nublo

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