Nothing on the web can convey a sense of place as completely as an interactive panorama. Often described as 'immersive imaging', this technology gives a very real sensation of looking around a room or an outdoor location.

By linking panoramas into a virtual tour, sites with physical access problems can give a taste of "being there" to people with limited mobility, or even, via the web, to people on the other side of the world.

Corvidae specialises in combining high-quality panoramic photography with pioneering interactive features, bringing the virtual tour experience to life and integrating valuable interpretive content that help museums and heritage organisations meet the learning objectives.

Most virtual tours require the free QuickTime plug in from Apple, some newer ones need the smaller Flash plug in instead.

Dunham Massey – National Trust Virtual Tour
Dunham Massey - National Trust Virtual Tour


Exclusive! Now you can preview the full award-winning virtual tour of Dunham Massey. You can find out more about the property on the National Trust web site.

The Homewood – National Trust Virtual Tour
The Homewood - National Trust Virtual Tour


New! Now rebuilt in Flash

You can now enjoy an exclusive one-room sample of the virtual tour of the Homewood in Surrey, currently closed to visitors. It gives you the chance to open certain items of furniture, and features a recorded commentary that can be accessed at any time by pressing the 'A' key on the keyboard.

Launch the Homewood Virtual Tour sample.

Please note that this sample opens in a new window, requires Flash Player 9 or later, and involves the download of some large files. You must also have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Alternatively, you can view smaller panoramas of all the rooms on the National Trust's Homewood pages.

Gallions Ecopark exhibition
Ecopark Visitor Centre


Explore the low-energy housing development Ecopark in east London. As your mouse moves over items of interest, text about them appears on screen.

Users of screen readers or text-only browsers can access all the text content, with no need for a separate web page.

More panoramic photography
Panoramic photography


More examples of panoramic photography.

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