Do I need a plug-in?

For some of the panoramas, you will need the QuickTime plug-in from Apple. If you don't have it, you will probably see a message asking you to download it when you visit each panorama page.

If you see the Java logo on the index page and the words 'Java Version' at the top of a panorama page, you can view the panorama without the plug-in. Say no to the message asking you to download the plug-in, and use the 'Java Version' link, which will open a new window with the same panorama presented using Java.

If you are using Windows, you may also see a message asking if you want to download a QuickTime ActiveX control. This is needed in recent versions of Internet Explorer for Windows. It is a very small file and very quick to download.

The larger panoramas, which give you a view that extends all the way up and down, need at least version 5 of QuickTime. They will appear with earlier versions, but the vertical range will be limited and the picture will be distorted.

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Download times

Some of the QuickTime panoramas are large files, as they give a complete 360-degree view in every direction, and have been created to give the best possible image quality. This means that they can take some time to download. As they are loading, you will first see a low-resolution, 'blurred' view of the image. As each section of the full image downloads, it will suddenly snap into sharp focus. You can start to view the panorama at any time, though.

The Java versions are considerably smaller, but do not have a low-resolution preview as they are loading. You will see a message saying "Loading Image...", and the percentage of the image file that has been downloaded.

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